Pinterest SEO: A Beginner’s Guide [Infographic]

Pinterest has become one of the major cornerstones of social media. A lot of brands and businesses are taking to Pinterest as they see their target audience spending a lot of time there.

However, just having an active presence on Pinterest and pinning randomly does not ensure that your pins will get seen by your potential customers.

With the new changes brought about by Pinterest, not all those who follow you will see all your pins. Therefore, it is essential that even your Pinterest activity is optimized for the in-built Pinterest search engines.

So, how does one incorporate the SEO aspect within Pinterest?

Here’s an infographic that outlines the steps you can follow for your business Pinterest account.

Pinterest SEO: A Beginner’s Guide [Infographic]

Pinterest SEO Infographic

Optimize Your Pinterest Profile

  • Select a Pinterest username that is similar to your business name.
  • Use keywords related to your business in the profile description.

Create Relevant Boards

  • Create boards that coincide with topics that are relevant to your business.
  • User your business keywords in the corresponding board descriptions.

Optimize Individual Pins

  • Pin relevant images/articles to the respective boards.
  • Include major keywords in the pin descriptions as applicable.

Optimize Images on your Website

  • Choose relevant images that go with the content of your individual web pages.
  • Ensure the pinnable images on your website have keywords in the file name, title, and alt text.

Optimize Articles on your Website

  • Make sure every article you publish on the site has a vertical image with the article title on it.
  • Optimize individual articles on your website to include keywords in the URL and meta description.

We hope this infographic has given you a clear picture of definite steps you can take, to ensure your pins are seen by those you’re trying to reach on Pinterest.

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