The Essential Pinterest Guide for Travel Websites

The Essential Pinterest Guide for Travel Websites

According to the latest stats, there are about 100 million active users on Pinterest, out of 176 million registered users. And about 85% of the users are female, which is quite fortunate if you are thinking of using Pinterest for developing leads to your travel business.

It is women who do most of the vacation planning, because (no offence to men, of course) they have the patience to sit and plan itineraries, and make changes as new demands come in. And most of the travel companies target women for giving away travel rewards. Hence, Pinterest is a viable marketing platform for an up and coming travel business.

Another interesting fact is that just three years after its launch, Pinterest became the third most popularly used social media network in the United States. Facebook and Twitter hold the first and second positions respectively.

If you have decided to actively use Pinterest to increase traffic to your website, you have made the best decision. Pinterest pins are 100 times more shareable than a Tweet, at least that’s what t3 Leads say. If that is true, then you must make the most of your Pinterest account. If you do not have an account, then it is time to get started.

Pinterest Sign Up

Just log into the main sign up page of Pinterest and register your business. Here’s a list of key Pinterest jargons that you must be aware of if you are planning to promote your business here:

Pin – When you are posting something on Pinterest, it is called a pin.

Pinner – A person who posts a pin.

Repin – When you are sharing another person’s pin, it is called a repin. The post can also be from Facebook or Twitter.

Board – Every user can create his or her boards based on various categories. The “space” where these pins are pasted are called “boards”.

Why is it Important to Have an Active Pinterest Account When You are in the Tourism Business?

You already know that Pinterest is extremely important as a social media influencer. Women who are mostly travel planners in the family also actively use it. Well, there is another reason as well – 75% of Pinterest activity takes place on mobile phones. And people usually use their mobile phones to shop online.

Pinterest Apps

So if you have a Pinterest account and a mobile friendly website, it means you have better access to your target segment, much better than what you would have if people were using desktop computers.

With the preliminaries out of the way, let us now concentrate on how you can use Pinterest to boost your travel business!

Start with Pins

There are mainly 6 types of pins used in Pinterest:

  • Apps
  • Movies
  • Recipes
  • Products
  • Articles
  • Places

Since you run a travel-based business, we will talk about place pins here. The main function of place pins is to introduce your visitors to a number of destinations where they can plan their next vacation. You could pin pictures of these place with enticing words to describe the destination, so the reader will be motivated to plan a vacation there.

The pin could include details about the destination, a map, your contact address and phone number so the visitor can call you up. You can arrange the pins in such a way that the visitor can access them by  location. If yours is a travel company specializing in India tours, you can select pins of locations in India, and a tour route of India.

Place Pin

Place pins are thus a great solution for people in the travel business because they can be used to create different categories of boards, each with a title, theme, description of the destination and other relevant information. Adding a map is important because it would make your pins distinct from thousands of other pins, and people would instantly know that your pin is a place pin. Ensure your destination pins have pricing details, because that is always an attraction.

When saving place pins, use images that don’t have faces of people on them. It might sound a little unbelievable, but pins with faces have a lesser chance of attracting people than pins with places. Pins with faces are seen as a distraction because Pinterest is meant to be a network of things.

Ensure Your Pins are Visible

Unless you place proper keywords in the content on the images you pin, there is no point in all the effort that you do. For example, if you are focusing on “ health tourism in India”, make sure your pin has the word “health tourism” in it. You can also add other words that have the chance of coming up in random searches.

The number of people who “see” your pins is always greater than the number of people who “follow” you. So if you share a particular destination on your pin, you’ll have the guarantee that more people than you think will see it.

Your Pin Boards Should Never be Empty

Pinterest Boards

You will have to share your Pinterest account on other social media platforms once the boards get active and running. But ensure your board is never empty because an empty pin is a turn off for people. Update your boards with pins for all the areas and destinations you cover in your itinerary; perhaps a pin each for city/destination that you provide your services to.

Create a Fan Following on Pinterest

So now that you have an account and a volley of pins on your boards, how do you propose to get a fan following? Here are some tips.

Add a Pinterest Button on Your Travel Website

You have a complete and updated travel website, don’t you? Add a Pinterest button to your travel website so visitors can click through and view your boards.

Pinterest Profile Widgets are also Great Fan Boosters

Pinterest Widget

You can create a Pinterest widget from your Pinterest profile. You just need to copy and paste the code on your website, customizing its dimensions as required. You can use Pinterest widgets to feature a single pin, a particular board, or even a selection of pins on your profile.

Connect Pinterest to Other Social Media Accounts

If you have a good fan following on Twitter and Facebook, you can use those platforms to create a fan following in Pinterest too. You can also share your pins on Twitter and Facebook to get your pins more visibility and to ensure that nobody on either of those platforms misses them.

Quality Content

Be attentive to pin only extremely good quality content on your boards. You can pin from your own website, or from other sources, but ensure that the content is captivating, relevant to the travel industry, and helpful to others on Pinterest. The descriptions on your pins must also contain travel related keywords, and words that motivate people to act.

Your Images should be Appealing

Pin Image

Nothing beats the appeal of a well-thought out image. Whether it is your own creatively designed visual content or a picture of a destination, make sure it is visually appealing. People should want to repin your images and share them. It is also important to remember that the images for Pinterest should be vertical. Horizontal images are not appealing on Pinterest.

Seek the Help of Influencers

There are people with huge social media influence out there. Why don’t you leverage the exposure they have on Pinterest? They can help you expand your Pinterest reach.

Optimize your Pins

You can add a ‘hovering pin it’ button to ensure more people have access to your images. You can connect your pins with all the major social media accounts and increase your fan following. However, the hitch here is that you cannot connect two business accounts together, especially with Facebook.

For example, if you have a Pinterest business account, you can connect it with your Facebook personal account and not your Facebook business page. However, you can guide your visitors from your Facebook personal page (you can also control what you want made public in this page) to your Pinterest business profile.

Pinterest is a very potent platform to marketing your travel business. The tips outlined in this article would have helped you take the first steps towards generating leads through Pinterest.

To go further in Pinterest marketing, download a FREE Pinterest Checklist by clicking the image below!

Pinterest Marketing Checklist

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